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  • Group Manager (Solution Architect)


    Solution Architect for the Modern Application Transformation team.

    Solutioning at Avanade starts in pre-sales; involves solution planning, contracting, and carries right through to delivery.

    So far I’ve solutioned:

    • a discovery workshop for a large insurer
    • a cloud integration transformation for a retailer
    • a discovery workshop for a critical NHS service
    • an application to allow sharing of priority services register data between suppliers
    • a rough-order-of-magnitude for a high-street retailer’s app modernization program

  • Engineering Lead 

    Hitachi Vantara

    Practice role accountable for:

    • Development standards
    • Skills management
    • Learning & development
    • Team capabilities

    Skills:  agile

  • Senior Manager (Data & Integration Architect)

    Hitachi Vantara

    Data and Integration Architect for a Healthcare Patient Flow and Optimization project:

    • Responsible for overall solution data and integration architecture
    • Designed low-latency kappa style solution for monitoring and control of patient flow
    • Designed and implemented HL7 event processor with Azure Function and CosmosDB
    • Integrated machine learning models to ensure timely predictions on length of stay, admission risk etc

    Skills:  agile

    Technologies:  Azure DevOps, Azure Functions, CosmosDB, Event Hub, HL7

  • Senior Manager (Business Intelligence Architect)

    Hitachi Vantara

    BI Architect with hospitality client:

    • Designed an architecture to simplify a data mart and reporting solution
    • Reduced monthly Azure OpEx costs by half
    • Designed reliable low-latency data pipelines using EventHub and Stream Analytics
    • Designed data-lake governance structures
    • Mentored consultants as they transitioned from traditional development to business intelligence
    • Regular presenter at customer’s weekly architecture forum

    Technologies:  SQL Server, Azure Devops, Azure Functions, Data Factory, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Data Lake, Power BI

  • Senior Manager (Business Intelligence Architect)

    Hitachi Vantara

    BI Architect at a retailer:

    • Designed an architecture move from IaaS to PaaS
    • Created automated build, test and deployment within Azure Devops
    • Reduced lead times from over 50 days to 10
    • Led off-shore delivery team
    • Implemented a json configuration solution for SSIS and SQL Agent jobs

    Technologies:  SQL Server, C#, PowerShell, Azure DevOps, Azure, Data Factory, Data Vault

  • Senior Manager (Pre-sales Consultant)

    Hitachi Vantara

    Pre-sales consultant with the following engagements:

    • Insurance Underwriter – Tableau dashboards
    • Store card / credit card company – big data analytics
    • Credit card company – data architecture
    • Investment bank – data science
    • Investment bank – regulatory reporting
    • Dutch bank – IT compliance reporting

    Technologies:  SQL Server, Tableau, PowerShell, Azure, Hadoop

  • Senior Manager 

    Hitachi Vantara

    Agile Coach, Data Visualization for a bank

    • Created common work item development model combining TFS and JIRA data
    • Provided insight into customer delivery processes
    • Created visualization dashboards for senior management

    Skills:  Kanban, Scrum, Data Visualization

    Technologies:  SQL Server, Tableau

  • Senior Manager 

    Hitachi Vantara

    Technical architect for retail payment simplification:

    • Designed an architecture for payment simplification
    • Created automated build, test and deployment within Azure DevOps

    Technologies:  SQL Server, C#, Specflow, PowerShell, Team Foundation Services

  • Senior Manager 

    Hitachi Vantara

    Data Architect on site at a Dutch bank working on regulatory reporting (LCR, ALMM, COREP etc).

    • Optimized analytic query performance against a data vault schema
    • Created a logical data model covering LCR, ALMM and AnaCredit banking regulations

    Technologies:  SQL Server, Data Vault, SAP Power Designer

  • Solutions Architect 

    BNP Paribas

    Responsible for delivering business intelligence services to the fixed income sales, e-commerce and e-trading within BNP Paribas.

    This is a dual role consisting of solution architecture and team management. As architect I meet regularly with the business to discuss and address their concerns with business intelligence solutions created by my team. I spend time selling the product, educating the business and negotiating architectural trade-offs. Even though a certain amount of pragmatism is required in the fast paced nature of investment banking I keep the product vision on track and moving towards my target architecture.

    As team manager I look after a team of 8-10 developers and 1-2 business analysts. We work in 2 week scrum sprints delivering value back to the business regularly. The team is new to agile methodologies so I am in a directing and coaching phase until they have the capability to self-organize. Recently we are also looking at taking on some lean concepts such as Kanban and limited work in progress. I am particularly interested in lean architecture.

    I also have line manager responsibilities such as personnel development, annual reviews and objective setting.

    Technologies:  SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Tableau

  • Business Intelligence Consultant 

    Microsoft UK

    I advised customers on how to get the best from their business data. The role includes everything from data acquisition and cleansing through data warehousing to reporting and data visualization.

    Customers include:

    • BNP Paribas (Foreign Exchange Trading)
    • Nationwide (Batch payment processing with Integration Services)

  • Application Development Consultant 

    Microsoft UK

    Working with a broad range of customers from small ISVs to large enterprises, and engage in all aspects of the development lifecycle from requirements and architecture through performance and scale testing.

    Work includes reviewing application design or specific code, helping to troubleshoot problems, writing code samples, delivering training, and anything else involved with software development.

    In the course of my day-to-day activities I cover virtually every Microsoft technology but specialize in .NET, development process and business intelligence.

    Recent customers:

    • Aggreko (Business intelligence architecture and performance)
    • Visa (Development process, application platform strategy)
    • Barclays Capital (Business intelligence)
    • Co-op Retail (Application design)
    • Volutio (Office development)
    • Nationwide (Analysis Services performance and dev process)
    • Xchanging (Business intelligence)
    • Winterthur Life/Axa (Development process, application architecture and design)

  • Program Manager 


    Software architecture and project management for Exony’s reporting and analytics platform.

    Exony was bought by eGain in 2014.

  • Senior R&D Engineer 

    Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe

    Software design and development on video server, video editor and dvd authoring systems.

  • Student (Computer Systems and Electronics, B.Eng)

    Kings College, London

    Focus on the design and implementation of software systems. This is a 3 year, B.Eng course but credit from my time at Imperial allowed me to complete in 2 years.

  • Student (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

    Imperial College, London

    Focus on the design and application of large and small scale electronic systems. This is a 3 year, B.Eng course.

    Note: I did not complete this course as I transferred to Kings so I could shift my focus to computers instead.

  • Pupil (New House)

    Repton School
    1988English LanguageGCSEC
    1988Craft, Design & Technology (CDT)GCSE*
    1988English LiteratureGCSED
    1987Religious EducationO-LevelC

    (*) These results were a very long time ago so I can’t remember some of the grades.