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Show and Tell

Tomorrow is “Show and Tell” day. This is our take on the Scrum Sprint Review where the idea is to show the team’s progress and direction to the Chickens. The review is open to anyone who would like to come and see what the engineers have been up to for the last month. The format is fairly loose - as all the developers have laptops they can take turns to plug into a projector and show what they’ve been up to. Individual presentations are limited to 15 minutes + question time.

The benefits are obvious: engineers get a chance to show off their work and direct feedback from the people who are dependent on their creations; Sales, marketing and management get to review progress and provide input.

There is always a little nervousness on my part because I don’t do much speaking - it’s up to the individual developers. Their view of the world revolves around code, architecture and designs whereas the chickens think about schedules, customers and revenue. With the two positions, there is some room for difference of opinion but regular reviews keep everyone on the same page.

So roll on the demos…

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